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Juniors Benji Duan and Michelle Gong try to decide which session to attend Saturday, Feb. 29, at the fourth annual College Colloquium held at Glenbrook South High School. Photos by Scott Margolin/22nd Century Media
Rick Bischoff, of Case Western University, speaks at the College Colloquium hosted Saturday, Feb. 29, at Glenbrook South.
Juniors (left to right) Alicia Warren, Anne Marie Raab, Sasha Menchaca and Kaley Flentye listen during a workshop session.
Terry Brooks, Freelance Reporter
3:00 am CST March 3, 2020

Imagine you are completing your college application, and the school asks you to write a 500-word essay responding to the simple prompt “Find X.” 

Or, imagine another school requests that you send Page 217 of your 300-page autobiography as your essay submission.