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Samantha Hughes,10, walks down the runway during the fashion show at Northbrook/Gleview School District 30’s International Night event Friday, Feb. 28, at Wescott School. Photos by Scott Margolin/22nd Century Media
Carlos Rojas, 8, shows off some items from Mexico Friday, Feb. 28, at District 30’s International Night held at Wescott.
Haris Din, (left) and Alvin Fang check out the China display at International Night.
Bill McLean, Freelance Reporter
7:23 am CST March 6, 2020

A Wescott School student crept up behind second-grader Max Barszewski, wrapped her arms around him and didn’t want to let go.

It was a joyful moment. And a sweet one.

“See that girl over there, hugging my son?” Max’s father, Norbert Barszewski — a native of Poland and a co-president of Wescott School’s PTO — said to a bystander in the school’s lunchroom during Westcott International Night Friday, Feb. 28, in Northbrook. “Her mother is Romanian, and her father is Syrian. How’s that for an international moment, right here, at this school?